A Website Should Not
Cost a Fortune

It should just look like it did.

websites designed for small business & non-profit organizations

Image of a black round circle with the words Build A Site on top of it. This is the Build A Site logo for website design

What I Offer

personalized service

I love working with each client to deliver products and services tailor made to their specific needs. It's just me. . .so you will have all of my attention working for you to design your website the way you want it.

great website design

Taking your concept and needs, I will create a branded website for your small business or non-profit that reflects your vision. Simple, professional sites are classic and super user friendly. No need to complicate the message with unneccesary bells and whistles. . .unless you want bells and whistles. . .I can do that too.


As I have said before, a website should not cost a fortune. . .but it should look like it did. Even though small businesses and non-profits may have limited funds to spend on their marketing initiatives, they still deserve to have a web presence that drives business and looks great. Having had my own craft business for years, I understand how important it is to stretch a dollar. I am here to help your dollar go even farther.

additional services

In addition to building great websites, I also offer print design services including brochure, poster, postcard, business card and flyer graphic design. Build your brand with social media cover pics and profile images that coordinate with the design of your website.